On the road to the Green City Frankfurt

Status and Trends – Stocktaking

Create new housing for a growing urban population without sacrificing fresh air paths and open spaces; Meet mobility needs in a city-compatible and affordable manner; create sufficient commercial space for a productive economy and give space to nature; change the supply of Frankfurt to renewable energies: Where is Frankfurt on the way to become a Green City? These pages give an overview and present projects and solutions.

On June 25th 2010, the Frankfurt City Council began its candicacy for the European Green Capital Award 2014/2015, in which the city was ultimately one of the three finalists. The candidacy was intended to accelerate, strategically and communicatively, Frankfurt’s development to a more sustainable city, to Frankfurt Green City

In order to meet the requirements of a sustainable urban development, the departments of the city involved formulated five „subject clusters“ in which Frankfurt has recognised strengths but in which the city would also be facing major challenges if it is to prosper and offer its inhabitants a high quality of life: "Economy and Consumption", "Planning and Construction", “Education“, “Climate and Open Spaces“ and “Mobility“. 

The compactness of Frankfurt intensifies target conflicts - for example when different uses compete for the scarce space - and at the same time offers the opportunity to develop and test solutions in a comparatively manageable framework. "Frankfurt Green City 2016 - Status and Trends" presents basic conceptual plans and individual projects which have been launched since 2010 and can serve as prototypes for sustainable urban development. You can find the project portraits in the “subject clusters”

This interim balance is also the starting point for continuous sustainability reporting. It is to open up the dialogue with the people of Frankfurt and to communicate the steps towards a Green City Frankfurt understandable and interesting for all. At the same time, it should enable a transparent assessment and comparison with other cities..

The Green City process, which began with the application for the European Green Capital Award in Frankfurt in 2010, is characterized by interdisciplinary cooperation, communication and the involvement of the city. Basic conceptual plans and projects that can serve as prototypes have been developed. Read more in the editorial.

The Subject Clusters