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We’re renewing Frankfurt’s energy!

The master plan for 100% climate protection

Logo Wir erneuern Frankfurts Energie!

Frankfurt is one of the first cities in Germany to develop a concrete roadmap for a 100% renewable energy supply. This roadmap defines the main strategies and instruments for achieving this goal by 2050.

The master plan for 100% climate protection is a continuation of the Frankfurt energy and climate protection concept from 2008, which aimed to convert the city to 100% renewable energy as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 95% by the year 2050. Initial scenarios show that energy consumption in Frankfurt needs to be cut in half compared to current levels in order to switch to purely renewable energy sources. Half of the remaining energy demand can then be generated from renewable sources within Frankfurt and in the Rhine-Main region. The three main areas of the master plan are the sectors of heat, power and transit. 

Participation and citizen involvement

The ambitious goals of the master plan for 100% climate protection cannot be achieved without the help of companies, associations and the city’s residents. Their participation in developing and implementing the master plan is essential. Even at an early stage of the project, there were events to provide information about the project and opportunities to participate.

The kickoff event for the master plan for 100% climate protection, held in June 2013 under the motto “We’re renewing Frankfurt’s energy,” drew about 80 Frankfurt citizens. Participants included interested residents, companies and associations. You can find a summary of the event here.

“Involvement meetings” were held in the three model districts from November 2013 to June 2014. During each meeting, organizers collected, developed and discussed Frankfurt residents’ ideas for implementing the energy transition. They also gave advice on how the residents themselves could take action. The results of the involvement meetings are now being integrated into the final master plan. You can find a look back at these events here. 

The citizens’ forum “We’re renewing Frankfurt’s energy!” took place on July 26, 2014, in the Gesellschaftshaus banquet room in the Palmengarten botanical gardens. After a panel discussion and a keynote speech, the approximately 80 dedicated Frankfurt residents in the audience were surveyed on various topics. Five working groups developed a wide range of ideas on topics such as the energy supply of the future, buildings, everyday climate protection, mobility in Frankfurt and education, and each group presented two of the ideas to the whole group. You can find a record of the event here.

The hr-iNFO event “We’re renewing Frankfurt’s energy” was held on November 6, 2014, at the Senckenberg Research Institute and Nature Museum. You can find a look back and listen to all of the talks here.

Regional energy concept

Since April 2013, the City of Frankfurt has been working with the Frankfurt Rhein-Main Regional Authority on a joint energy concept to ensure that the city and region are fully supplied with renewable energy. The goal is to shape the energy transition at the regional level, to develop a shared future-proof energy supply strategy, and to strengthen regional collaboration. The preliminary study on the future regional energy concept was completed in 2014. You can find the project website for the Frankfurt Rhein-Main regional energy concept here.

Contact address

Consumers, homeowners, transport users, companies and schools, associations and municipalities can use the internet platform to learn more about opportunities for involvement, consulting services, events and networks. The website also offers information about the current status of the master plan for 100% climate protection.

Project information


The “Master plan for 100% climate protection in Frankfurt am Main” project will be supported by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) as part of the National Climate Protection Initiative (NKI) subsidy program. In addition to Frankfurt am Main, 18 other cities, regions and districts were chosen as “master plan communities.” The Frankfurt Energy Department is responsible for executing the plan. Project Manager: Andrea Graf.

Climate Protection Advisory Council

About 30 prominent figures from a wide range of disciplines have announced their willingness to support the municipal initiative “We’re renewing Frankfurt’s energy!” with their knowledge and visions. The Climate Protection Advisory Council will support the master plan for 100% climate protection with its critical consideration and consultation.