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Frankfurt is not only a cosmopolitan city; it is a green city, too. That is the message conveyed by more than 200,000 trees tended by the Parks Department on the city’s streets and in public spaces. Of the total city area, 52 per cent comprises open spaces and water. And if you look closely, you will see palm trees along the Main, dunes in the GreenBelt, a wilderness at the former airfield and large ­expanses of woodland. Frankfurt has the right shade of green for everyone.

There are more than 40 parks in the city. Some of them, like the Volkspark Niddatal, are fairly ­untamed in character, while others, like the Chinese Garden, have a more medi­tative aura. Most of them have been created from the magnificent gardens owned by the Rothschild, Bethmann and Brentano families – English-style landscaping with beautiful old trees. There are over 50 lakes and ponds, some 100 hectares of well-kept green spaces along the Main and the Nidda and, of couse, the Palmengarten, which is known far beyond the city’s boundaries.

Map of green and open spaces in the Frankfurt city area
Map of green and open spaces in the Frankfurt city area

The GreenBelt, a green strip that runs around the heart of Frankfurt, accounts for one-third of the surface area of the city. The fields in the broad Nidda ­Valley, the Bergen hillside with orchard meadows and the remains of Frankfurt’s last vineyard, and the municipal forest with gnarled oaks and tall beech trees offer plenty of space for walking, cycling, rest and relaxation.

Parks, woods, rivers, meadows or fields, man-made, natural-looking or allowed to grow wild – there are many things to discover in Frankfurt’s green oases.

Facts & figures

52 per cent of Frankfurt’s surface area is “green”

52 per cent of the city area has been set aside for ­recreation and to offset ­climate change – parks and green spaces, ­woodland, farmland, orchard meadows, grassland, ­allotments and hobby ­gardens, cemeteries, roadside grass verges and bodies of ­water.

Percentage of green and open spaces in the Frankfurt city area
(in per cent; total: 248.3  km²)

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Diagram Percentage of green and open spaces
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The GreenBelt

Frankfurt’s GreenBelt is the green open area around the heart of Frankfurt. It forms a 70 km circle around the city.

The GreenBelt also includes Frankfurt’s municipal forest, one of the largest municipal woodland areas in Germany.

More green spaces

The redesigned banks of the Main und new parks in Frankfurt that are laid out when new city suburbs are built and make use of former commercially used sites are examples of the increasing amount of green space in the inner city area.